Searching Rural Venues for Hire for the Perfect Christmas Party Location?

The shops are full of festive cheer and all sorts of festive gear – and they have been since the start of November. So it’s pretty safe to assume that anyone planning a large-scale Christmas event in the great outdoors will have made sure they had the whole thing nailed months ago. But since it’s all but impossible right now to avoid thinking of seasonal celebrations, we thought we’d point out that a year ahead’s not too soon to start planning if you have something ambitious and outdoors in mind for Christmas 2024! Come to that, if you have last-minute ideas for this Christmas, there’s no time to waste searching ‘rural venues for hire’. Better get in touch with the Frogmore Fields team right away.

For those mulling over their ideas for Christmas future, there are countless reasons to consider an outdoor location such as ours. It could be for a major seasonal promotional or product launch, a festive-themed charity fundraising event such as a medieval banquet or a big Christmas bash for company employees, clubs, and societies… When the setting is as idyllic as ours… when you have a team with all the technology, equipment, expertise and logistical wherewithal to run boutique music festivals, high-end wedding celebrations and corporate functions… And when you have an on-site provider of elegant, weatherproof stretch tents to cover parties of any size… the possibilities really are endless. 

And don’t worry about the weather! Our stunning, modern stretch tents are designed to take anything the notorious British weather can throw at them and keep any number of guests cosy inside. So you can plan your Yuletide event outdoors and still keep wishing for a white Christmas! Of course there are lots of extra issues to consider – such as power and water supplies, heating and lighting, catering, licensed bar, entertainment and more – all of which are ’in a day’s work’ for the expert and highly experienced Frogmore Fields team. 

So whether it’s Christmas present or future you’re thinking about, talk to the Frogmore Fields team about our unique gift for creating an outdoor Christmas.

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