Let’s talk about wedding venues Hertfordshire for your Spring/Summer wedding!

Yes, spring summer 2024 or 2024! Because time flies when you’ve fallen in love!

With the leaves turning brown, the nights drawing in and the mornings getting frosty, it’s bad enough everyone talking about Christmas already… So why are we bringing up the subject of spring and summer weddings next year?  Or even the year after?

Well, since our entire working lives here at Frogmore Fields revolve around weddings, festivals, parties, and corporate events in the great British outdoors at our beloved Hertfordshire haven, we’re always looking ahead to the next season. More importantly, though, a ‘lead time’ of two years is not at all unusual when it comes to planning a wedding. In fact, many wedding planners actually recommend two years as a minimum! Obviously, when you’re head-over-heels in love, the big day can’t come soon enough – and if you’ve something simple in mind, such as a holiday wedding with close family and friends, perhaps, a few weeks is all you need. 

If you’ve been dreaming of your wedding day your whole life, picturing it in every detail as so many of us do, it really does make sense to give yourself time to get it right. That’s doubly important if it’s going to be outdoors, because you have to factor in the weather as well as an enormous list of practical issues – from power supply and tent cover to toilets, catering, parking, accommodation and much, much more. The good news is that if you choose our leafy piece of heaven as the scene of your great day, you automatically have the benefit of our team’s vast experience, expertise, and energy – as well as impressive logistical wherewithal, entertainment, and catering industry contacts. Tell us about your dreams, and we’ll do our level best to make them real!

It does take time though! So here are a few good reasons to start planning 2 years ahead.

Financing the romance

Weddings aren’t cheap! But then, of course, you knew that already. And an outdoor one isn’t necessarily cheaper. You save a fortune by not having to pay for that posh hotel’s facilities – but on the other hand, you’ll usually have to lay on all the amenities yourself for an outdoor wedding. That’s not the case at Frogmore Fields, because we have all the equipment, trained team, facilities, and expertise you need on tap. Still, it all has to be paid for – and the more elaborate your plans, the more time you need to give yourself to save up enough money and to have those tricky conversations about whether either family might contribute to or cover the cost. 

Make the planning a pleasure – not a pressure

Allowing a year or two’s planning time also means you can give proper thought to what you both really want in a wedding. Why not collect wedding magazine cuttings or plan a Pinterest mood board to document and develop your ideas – and include anything and everything that comes to mind, from catering, cakes, champagne, and custom-made cocktails to the venue (Frogmore Fields, naturally), the entertainment, the sound and lighting and the theme or colour scheme. Our team aren’t just seasoned wedding planners – they’re experienced in musical festivals and business events too, so nothing you can dream up is likely to faze them! In the end, giving yourself plenty of planning time doesn’t just make the planning a pleasure instead of a pressure, it can actually save you money, reduce the stress and make the big day even more joyful than you thought possible!

More chance of securing the dream date!

No, not that kind of date. Your dating days are over! We’re talking about the perfect day of the year for your wedding. You might have a significant date in mind – such as the anniversary of your first meeting, your first date or your first kiss… Or perhaps a meaningful family anniversary, such as the day your mum and dad got married. Whatever its significance, you’ve a lot more chance of securing the date if you’re willing to wait. The only urgent thing is to choose that date and get in touch with our team to see when it’s next available!

In the end, though, although taking your time makes everything easier, we quite understand how excitement takes over – so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you can’t wait more than a few weeks. We’ll do our best to fit you in – and since we already have all the catering, logistics, entertainment and accommodation contacts and facilities any size of wedding could ever need, you’ll be amazed what the Frogmore Fields team can achieve when we ‘pull out all the stops’!

So whether or not you’re planning to take your time, talk to the Frogmore Fields team and secure that date today!

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