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Everyone Loves A Festival Wedding!

Truly, madly, deeply in love? With a passion for rock ‘n’ roll? If a traditional church wedding or a box-ticking Register office ceremony don’t quite cut it in the romance stakes, how about joining the increasing number of couples getting hitched at music festivals! You can celebrate your love in an intimate ‘do’ – just your closest friends, family and another several thousand (or more) random ‘guests’. And best of all, you only have to pay for your two festival tickets (unless you feel like going mad and paying for the family too). You can hold your ceremony and the party under the stars and dance the night away accompanied by… well, by the stars of the show. 

When Jack Watney and Sarah Adey got married in 2019, for instance, their choice of ‘wedding band’ included The Killers, The Cure, Stormzy, George Ezra, Kylie Minogue and Miley Cyrus among hundreds of others. Yes – you’ve guessed it. The wedding wasn’t at the local community centre. It was at Glastonbury – more specifically on a bandstand right next to the solar-powered Croissant Neuf stage, surrounded by a cheering crowd of festival revellers. As if that wasn’t romantic enough, the festival wedding was the blissfully happy ending to a love story that began when Jack and Sarah got engaged at Glasto two years earlier.

We all know that getting your hands on a Glasto ticket is, quite literally, a lottery… so the Gods of rock ’n’ roll must have been smiling on the loved-up couple because they managed to get tickets for all their 50 guests (or maybe some block-booking wheeling and dealing went on!).  With a mate acting as their ‘celebrant’, they pledged with their aptly personalised vows to take one another as ‘my awesome wedded wife’ and ‘my wonderful, wedded husband’. 

It only takes a quick search for festival weddings or getting married at a festival to see that this is a fast-growing trend – and why the hell not! But is it legal???

That’s a very good point – and a very important one, too. Although you’ll find loads of exciting stories online about wild, weird and wacky weddings at festivals and all sorts of alternative wedding venues, your festival wedding ceremony alone doesn’t mean you’re legally married – even if you hire a recognised celebrant. 

What’s a celebrant? The person who conducts the ceremony. It doesn’t matter what form it takes nor whether it’s inspired by any religion or none, it’s a good idea to have a professional making sure it’s exactly what you want – and these days it’s not hard to find someone who ‘gets you’! And the great thing is that apart from the festival’s own rules, there are no rules about your wedding. You can literally make the whole thing up ­– including your vows.

The job title ‘celebrant’ pretty much sums up your festival wedding – it’s a ‘celebratory marriage ceremony’ in the eyes of the law. And it can’t go ahead unless you’re already legally married. So it’s important to get the formalities done in advance at a register office – but don’t worry, although it’s a bit of a chore, it’s over in a few minutes. 

So if you both have your hearts set on tying the knot at a festival, how do you pick the perfect festival wedding venue? Although we say it ourselves, our own little hidden gem of a festival venue in the Hertfordshire countryside has everything you could wish for to make a dream wedding come true. You could bring your guests and your celebrant to one of the amazing boutique festivals we run here – or you can hire the entire place, and we’ll help you create a magical world of your own for a weekend. 

Come and have a look round – you might find yourself falling in love all over again.

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