An Outdoor Wedding in March or April? It’s Not as Mad as You Think!

Search Wedding Venues Hertfordshire and then fall madly, deeply in love with Frogmore Fields.

The spring equinox has been and gone and just as British Summer Time is well under way it’s time for those famous British April showers! So surely you’d have to be mad as the proverbial March hare – or a box of Frogmores – to book an outdoor wedding anytime earlier than the height of summer! Actually that really isn’t the case if you put Frogmore Fields at the top of your list of potential outdoor wedding venues in Hertfordshire.

But why? You might well ask. Well, there a lots of very good reasons why a March or April wedding can make all sorts of sense. First of all, these are the perfect months in which to sit back and let Mother Nature provide the floral tributes for your big day as the wildflowers blossom in Frogmore Fields’ idyllic meadowland. We’ve already had a blizzard of snowdrops and now the bluebells are carpeting the woodlands, while daffodils, crocuses, primroses, daisies, and wood anemones are bursting forth all around us. This is also a great time for the flowers you’ll want for your more formal arrangements and bouquets: irises, tulips, azaleas, and pansies among them…

What’s more, this is the time of year when the wildlife you’ll find in every nook, crevice, valley, and cranny here come out to play – among them rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes, badgers, owls and even the odd March hare! They all add to the charm of the place, lending an extra sense of magic and romance to your time here on this very special occasion. Then, of course, the fact that summer’s on the way means there’s every chance of a bright and sunny day – without the sometimes-oppressive heat of high summer, which can get uncomfortable when you’re dressed to the nines!

On a more practical note, dates in March or April are far more likely to be available. And that goes for your caterers, entertainers, bar providers and so on as well as for Frogmore Fields as a venue. Better still, because it’s ‘off-peak’ everything is likely to be significantly more affordable.

But what if it rains? That’s no problem at all here because we’re much more than a beautiful setting. We’re also a well-established festival and corporate events venue, which means we have all the equipment, experience, and expertise you need to cope with any eventuality, including the worst the British weather can throw at us! Among a host of other facilities, including power and water provision, and even ‘glamping’ we have our own on-site providers of stunning, totally weatherproof stretch tents that can cover with elegance and ease wedding parties of any size from an intimate gathering for close family to a full-on mini-festival-scale wedding bash.

So why wait for summer? For this spring or next, come and talk to the Frogmore Fields team and arrange to come and check out a wedding venue you’ll love truly, madly, and deeply.

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